Digital re-use: How can we wake the dead?

Category: [ Digitisation ]
Date and Time: 25.09 Monday; h. 16:00-17:30
Venue: Copernicus Science Centre/Auditorium
Language: Polish/English with simultaneous interpretation

Nothing connects us with the past better than new technologies. The digitalisation of libraries, museums and archives gives us access to artefacts, texts, books, documents and works of art from the beginning of civilisation through the previous century. When we use these digital resources, we can usually be sure of one thing: their creators have been dead for at least a few decades. Digitisation brings them back to life, allowing new use of old materials – regardless of whether they’re great works of literature, oceanographic maps, cookbooks, music manuscripts or wanted posters. This panel will show you how both institutions and enthusiasts seeking inexhaustible inspiration in the past are dealing with the revival and restoration of cultural heritage.