Jean-Philippe Humblot

[ Bibliotheque nationale de France ]

Electronic & multimedia documents engineer within the Conservation and Consultation Unit, Audiovisual Department of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

The BnF Audiovisual Department deals with audio, video and electronic documents stored on physical medias. Its technical section «Conservation and Consultation» is particularly involved in ensuring preservation of the medias and contents they carry, and to provide solutions in order to allow researchers to access to the materials. It gathers documentation about technical specification concerning media lifecycle, technical knowledge concerning copy and transfer solutions and studies the existing possibilities to virtualize both documents and computer platforms in order to maintain the capacity to render all electronic publications in the long term.

Jean-Philippe Humblot is graduate of the Institut national des Telecommunications, Evry, France and has professional experience as a telecommunications engineer & consultant to a variety of IT companies providing expertise on knowledge management, datawarehousing and databases. Works at the BnF since 2002.