Afterparty Digital Cultures / Początek Outriders

Date and Time: 26.09 Tuesday; h. 20:00-23:00

Join us!

Outriders is a new journalism focused project. Its goal is to deliver verified and high quality information in a innovative, technically advanced form.

We have presented a few of our productions (for eg. Mosul or Lunik IX) but it is the time to move on and officially say - LET'S START!

We are a group of people who believe that journalism we all need now is a combination of mission, skills, original form and knowledge on how to operate with the newest tools. Amongst us, there are people with diversity of skills - experienced reporters, graphic designers, coders and editors. Because today’s journalism needs team like this.

We publish regular coverages, analysis and features from different parts of the world - places we know well from everyday perspective, as well as from other places we need to travel to.

We do not follow the “news” competition, we don't need to “be first”. We work on our stories as much as they need, there is no time or ‘hot topic’ pressure, no unnecessary emotions. While working, we reach out to sources, we engage experts and reporters. This allows us to analyse different points of views and add a local context. We don't only inform but also explain, even very complicated issues.

We know that even the best story without adequate form might lose its attractiveness. This is why, we pay attention not only to “what” but also to “how” we tell those stories, and we include the newest technologies. We also organize events and exhibitions so that our readers can meet us, ask questions and learn even more.

Where will be publishing regular dispatches from? What kind of interactive stories will you see in coming months? Why did we choose such a form? What made us commit to this project?

During the event, we will be also starting our crowdfunding campaign.