Britta Senn

[ Transmedia Mitteldeutschland ]

Britta Senn is a freelance media strategist, workshop trainer and journalist. She started as a junior producer for documentary films and tv series for MDR and Arte. As Interactive Coordinator at DOK Leipzig (world oldest and Germanys biggest international documentary and animated film festival) she curated and managed all events regarding transmedia storytelling, including hackathons and networking events for filmmakers, journalists and coders. To further documentary and journalistic content with new technology was one of her main tasks. Britta is giving workshops on web safety, new media and online journalism in middle schools in collaboration with medienblau since 2014. For the YouTube initiative #Nichtegal against hate speech, she designed a germanwide peer-to-peer training concept and executed the projects for the region Thüringen and Sachsen in 2017. For Deutsche Welle Akademie, she is creating Media and Information Literacy (MIL) workshops for the middle east region. Strengthening free speech and securing democratic processes is the driving force of most of her work. In 2016 she founded an association for transmedia creatives (Transmedia Mitteldeutschland e.V.) where she is lobbying for innovation funds, digital education and web security. Britta loves inventive storytelling and informational design on paper, on screen, webbased or in VR.

Britta Senn has a B.A. in German Literature and Sociology from the University of Lake Constance and a M.A. in Media Management from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.