Grzegorz Zajączkowski

[ Ministry of Administration and Digitization ]

Engineer, programmer, social animator, project manager and cultural traveller. Since 1998 he has been working on applications of IT in education, development of civic society and promotion of cultural heritage (including projects for UNESCO).

He has been particularly active in projects functioning on the boundary between IT, heritage and civic society in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Ireland. In recent years, the workshops and exhibitions linked to the project „Routes of the Baroque – the trail of Baroque religious art” drew tens of thousands participants and viewers from various regions of Poland.

Since 2016 he has been an advisor in the political cabinet of the Minister of Administration and Digitization, Anna Streżyńska, where he works on projects such as and Kronik@. In September 2017 he was nominated as the European Commission’s Leader of Digitization.