Alexander Knetig

[ Arte Creative ]

Alexander Knetig is editor in chief of ARTE Creative. Together with his team, he’s in charge of the conception, production and distribution of specifically created documentary, fictional and interactive content for the label ARTE Creative. Before joining ARTE, he used to work as a producer and independent journalist in France, Germany, Austria, Spain and the US. He also was teaching online journalism and media management at various colleges in France (CFJ, ESCP) and Germany (Medienakademie). ARTE is the biggest European cultural channel, founded in 1992. The program grid offers hundreds of hours of original programming (Current Affairs, Culture and Art, Knowledge and Discovery as well as Cinema and Series) ARTE Creative is ARTEs label for our most contemporary contents. Our users can explore for free a wide range of programs on our website, our apps and third party platforms (social media, game stores, VR-marketplaces). Those contents are documentary webseries, fiction, web native magazines as well as VR-programs, interactive experiences and even full scale video games.