Klara Sielicka Baryłka

[ State Etnographic Museum ]

Klara is an ethnographer (a graduate of Warsaw University’s Institute of Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology), a curator in the Polish & European Ethnography Department of the State Ethnographic Museum (PME) in Warsaw; she specialises in folklore and ceremonies, conducting numerous field research projects (including in the “Carnival King of Europe” project). Ms Baryłka co-founded the PME’s Children’s Museum. She edits the periodical “Etnografia Nowa”, and creates Internet content for numerous platforms concerning ethnography and the PME’s operations. Ms Baryłka is a volunteer in the Digital Poland Equal Opportunity programme; as a certified Digital Lamplighter, she has taught people aged 50 and over to use digital tools and actively explore the resources of the Internet. She has worked with the Project Polska Digital Centre on campaigns to boost Internet usage among groups threatened by digital exclusion (lesson scenarios, work records). She is engaged in the We Are Museums conference (co-organiser of the second edition, which took place in the PME in 2014), and is a Wikipedia editor. Since 2015 Ms Baryłka has executed projects for her museum in cooperation with the Wikimedia Polska Association in the area of GLAM-Wiki (2015: an original project for field research and Wikipedia editing titled Year of Ceremonies with Wikipedia, with an MKiDN grant, and from 2016, coordination for the museum of the international project Ethnography of the Carpathians with a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation). As part of the PME she is engaged in the IMiT project: a digital base of folk instruments, instrumenty.edu.pl. Additionally, in the PME she is responsible for coordinating operations with the Google Cultural Institute (Street View, Art Camera and others) – under her supervision of organisation and content (as a co-curator), the PME has joined the international project We Wear Culture on the Google Arts & Culture platform, executing a series of exhibitions on fashion. Baryłka represents the PME in the Open Education Coalition.