Kamil Bałuk

[ Reporter ]

A native of Wrocław, Kamil Bałuk lives in Warsaw. In his home city he completed degrees in sociology, journalism, Dutch and interdisciplinary humanities, and in Warsaw he graduated from the Polish School of Reportage. He has published work in the Polish magazines "Duży Format" and "Przekrój", and in the books "Grzech jest kobietą" ("Sin is a woman") and "Tutaj drzwi trzeba otwierać powoli" ("Here the door must be opened slowly"). He has received several nominations for the T. Torańska Newsweek Prize, and recently published his debut book of reportage, "Wszystkie dzieci Louisa" ("All of Louis’s Children"). Bałuk won the R. Kapuściński Fellowship for a book on the Netherlands today, which he is working on. At the conference he will present a multi-channel reportage, "Miasto Archipelag" ("Archipelago City"). He’s on Snapchat at panbaluk.