Krzysztof Garbaczewski

[ Theatre Director ]

Krzysztof Garbaczewski is a theatre director and set designer known for his elaborate sets and innovative adaptations. Born on the 24th of February, 1983, in Białystok in north-eastern Poland. Garbaczewski is a graduate of the Drama Direction Department of Kraków’s Ludwik Solski State Theatre School link opens page in new window . He studied under the guidance of director Krystian Lupa link opens page in new window and assisted Lupa in 2008 as he developed "Factory 2", his lauded production inspired by the life and work of Andy Warhol, at the Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Kraków. He doesn’t address political issues. He uses the medium of theatre to touch upon existential issues and search for the limits of human experience.