Culture networks

  • Aleksandra Janus,
  • Alek Tarkowski,
  • Mirosław Filiciak,
  • Wiesław Bartkowski,
  • Michał Piasecki
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Category: [ Museums, Video games, Interactive storytelling ]
Date and Time: 27.09 Wednesday; h. 14:45-19:00
Venue: National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute
Language: Polish

Culture networks: generativity

Moderators: Aleksandra Janus (Culture Opening Workshop, Digital Centre) Alek Tarkowski (Digital Centre) Mirosław Filiciak (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities) Wiesław Bartkowski (Creative Coding, SWPS) Michał Piasecki

If you’re interested in digital culture but don’t have experience with code, this workshop is a way to become familiar with it. You’ll learn how the tools you use, and the digital artistic projects you experience, are made. During a practical introduction to coding, you’ll get a feeling for how code is becoming a material for designers. Join us to seek an answer to the question of what generativity is. We’ll also ask a few more: about the consequences of generativity and the potential of the practices associated with it.

Today we often hear criticism of the view that digital technologies increase the level of participation in culture. In an era where the paradigm of “user generated content” has been replaced by “user generated data”, instead of engaged users we have fake news, information silos and an Internet ever more reminiscent of television. But the project of engaging citizens in the life of cultural institutions remains important and current. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to individually come into contact with code, try to use it to create their own generative solutions and then jointly inquire about their potential and the related challenges, in the context of building engagement and participation in culture.

Participation in the workshop doesn’t require any earlier coding skills, and isn’t addressed exclusively to people who have already had contact with programming, but to anyone who’s interested. To fully benefit from participation in the workshop, bring your own computer.

CULTURE NETWORKS is a project that looks at the Internet as a cultural pattern, exerting influence on all of culture. We’re interested in networking as a social phenomenon and a key mechanism of network culture. We look at the ways institutions, users and content network in the field of culture broadened by digital technologies. Networking is connected with categories such as activity and cultural engagement. CULTURE NETWORKS 1 (2016) – Congress of Culture CULTURE NETWORKS 2 (2017) - WRO Biennale