Innovative Libraries

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Category: [ DIGITISATION ]
Date and Time: 27.09 Wednesday; h. 12:00-18:00
Venue: The National Library
Language: English

The meeting will discuss the latest technologies and standards used in creating and developing digital libraries, museums and archives. Representatives of institutions connected with the IIIF consortium (International Image Interoperability Framework, will present the effects of their work, projects and plans, and conduct workshops introducing participants to new technological solutions.

The projects to be presented include Biblissima, Digital Bodleian, mirador @ stanford, Musiclibs, Polona, Omnis.

Participants will learn: what the latest trends are in creating digital repositories of culture, how to effectively use digitised collections in academic work, what new tools have been designed for digital GLAM, how information is extracted from digitised collections (text, images, musical notation) and metadata, how to create specialised digital collections and the tools dedicated to them, how to visualise the relationships between digital objects, how to bring together all digital collections in the world in a single interface.