Klio Krajewska

[ WRO Art Center ]

Klio Krajewska is a curator and consultant, who regularly works with the WRO Art Centre as a member of the curatorial team. She works on preparing the programme of performances, conferences and exhibitions for the WRO Biennale. Krajewska is the creator of two projects in Cairo: “Recording Against Regimes” (2013), on engaged art during times of political transformation, and “Keep it Real” (2014/15), focused on the relationship between art and crafts. In 2017 Ms Krajewska began curating a project in China that brings art into the processes of protecting cultural heritage and the architectural development of cities and non-urbanised areas. She is a consultant in the area of technology and social innovation in contemporary cities, and helped create the first interactive platform for collaborative digital urban planning. She is connected with the media art and sound art scene in Paris, where she lives.