Designing Stories for the Digital Space

Fully booked!
Date and Time: 27.09 Wednesday; h. 10:00-13:30
Venue: National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute
Language: English

Interactive media present incredible opportunities for the creation of innovative and effective journalism and storytelling. However, they seem to simultaneously subject those telling the stories to a certain level of anxiety due to ever-changing technologies, shorter attention spans and the highly crowded digital space, shared by countless types of content. In this workshop, we will look at successful examples of online storytelling and identify strategies to better understand how the right combination of editorial design, interactivity and media can elevate a story and increase audience engagement. Parts of the session will be hands-on; participants will be subdivided into multidisciplinary teams to envision, prototype and present their own projects.

This workshop is particularly geared towards professionals: Journalists or content creators who are familiar with social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) and proficient in the use of online tools for content creation (WordPress, Google Docs, etc.). Digital designers with skills in interaction and/or editorial design and fluent in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch or other popular graphic design software. Web developers interested in the use of technology for storytelling

Other requirements: Participants are expected to bring their own computers to be able to produce and present a project prototype during part of the session.