Crazy Media Night

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Category: [ Interactive storytelling ]
Date and Time: 25.09 Monday; h. 20:00-22:00
Venue: Kino Elektronik
Language: English/Polish with simultaneous interpretation

Tens of thousands of people on Facebook getting excited by old prints featuring animals: The digital revival of mediaeval creatures and the reactions of audiences to these illustrations will be described by Łukasz Kozak, an enthusiast in this area. Alexander Knetig, director of the Arte Creative online platform, will present "Planet Earth", a dystopian 360-degree tale by Mamoko Seto about the near future, in which mushrooms, bugs and sea creatures take over our planet. Knetig will also tell us about a new experiment by Arte: the Instagram story "Summer". This evening will also be an opportunity to meet with Wiktor Stribog, creator of the cult series of the strangest Polish films on YouTube, "Land of the Mashrooms". The soundtrack for the evening will be provided by Bartek Dramczyk, whose interests include using the new possibilities of old computers.